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REmaap is a flexible web-based platform designed specifically for a range of CRE projects. From basic Lease Abstraction, Data Migration / FASB Readiness, Transaction Due Diligence, Vendor Contract Updates, Equipment Lease Contract Abstraction, virtually any project that requires migrating data from one system to another or moving from unstructured to structured and manageable data.

What is it for?

   CRE & Equipment Lease Abstraction

REmaap is designed to streamline and accelerate any lease abstraction project…or ongoing lease data maintenance. With project communications, document management, workflow, business validations, and import/export integration features it assures accurate data reaches your core systems. AND NOW with optional NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING and ANALYTICS you can save up to 40% on abstraction time…accelerating you to project success.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Being Argus, MRI, Yardi, Oracle and IBM partners, NTrust designed REmaap to help keep your Budgeting & Forecasting data up to date and in-sync. REmaap allows data to imported from a variety of systems, and reviewed for consistency of data between systems. You can select the most accurate and up to date data and then synchronize between all your systems.

Lease Administration

With REmaap you can have your Lease Administration team abstract a rich dataset and pull in data from your core system…allowing them to perform a full range of lease administration activities in a streamlined and easy to understand interface. Even better, you can store and update data that you wouldn’t normally have in your core system, supporting robust reporting on things like Co-Tenancy impacts, Permitted Use, and many others.

Automate Letters of Intent (LOI)

Some of our clients saw the potential in REmaap to help coordinate the Letter of Intent workflow. REmaap’s document management, workflow, and approval tracking capabilities streamlined the entire LOI process and allowed key data to be populated into their core system upon execution of the LOI.

Due Diligence & Data Migration

REmaap’s integration with Argus and its ability to import data from any source system makes it ideal for both evaluating deals and for enhancing and loading data after you’ve completed the transaction. Review leases, validate rent rolls and load the data into DCF or AE files for modeling. Then import data from the sellers system…clean it up and load clean accurate data into your system!

Data Analysis

With the REmaap Analytics module, you can now create drill down graphic dashlets for a whole range of different analytics measures…from lease administration productivity by administrator, to upcoming vacancies by leasing agent, to Co-Tenancy impacts by property. Click here to see our robust new REmaap Analytics module.

Who is it for?

Large Tenants / CRE Professionals

If you are a large tenant organization regardless of real estate type, REmaap can help you with acquisitions, lease data clean-up, lease data migration and system implementation. All this at a fraction of the cost of professional services from Lease Admin system companies.

REITs / Family Offices / Large Landlords

When you are evaluating, acquiring, or divesting properties, you need to have accurate data. REmaap is the ideal system to review existing data, import and validate new data, and assure data integrity.

Brokers and Attorneys

REmaap is unparalleled as a Due Diligence tool. It allows you to aggregate a range of data…from dates and dollars to critical clauses…and create reports and data files for IRR and Argus™ analytics.

What users are saying

Large Retail REIT

"We decided to us REmaap to help streamline a full range of lease administration processes. The easy to use interface makes training new lease administrators very easy, and we have ready access to all the data required to manage all our leases. REmaap’s reporting capabilities are great and allow us to develop reports on the fly for upper management. And REmaap boosted productivity and more than paid for itself."

Large Office Developer/Operator

"We have assets across the US and Canada and have a very active acquisition/disposition process. We were spending tons of money on due diligence and just getting the data we need to accurately manage our leases and expenses. REmaap streamlined the due diligence process and allowed to easily submit AE and DCF files to prospective buyers, and convert DCF files to AE so we could do our evaluation of new assets. REmaap accelerated our processes and gave us confidence that we are loading accurate data into our systems."

International Energy Services Company

"Trying to implement SAP Real Estate across our enterprise had taken more effort (and money) than we had anticipated. One of the main issues was our ability to migrate data to the new system for a variety of regional systems. Using REmaap we were able to aggregate and clean up all our data quickly, which helped get the project back on track. Now we use REmaap for loading all our new leases and amendments because of ease of use and training."

Features that will change the way you work

Analytics Module
With the release of the REmaap Analytics module a whole new range of capabilities have been unleashed. The Analytics module accesses the live data from REmaap and other data sources, letting you create powerful user defined dashlets as part of your Analytics Dashboard. And each data point in a Dashlet allows you to drill-down to the underlying data and see when and who last updated it! Visit our REmaap Analytics page to learn more.
Powerful Configurable Workflow
When setting up a project in REmaap it is easy and intuitive to set up user roles and workflows that allow you to track and control your project from start to finish. The project dashboard lets you see exactly how many items are in each stage…and the aging report indicates "stuck" items.
Data Validation Engine
Within REmaap there is a powerful and configurable Validation Engine. It checks date sequences, dollar amounts, even clause data to assure that you get accurate data delivered at the completion of your project.
Document Repository
No need to upload to an FTP site and then re-upload to REmaap, we can take all your documents at the beginning of your project and team members can move them into the REmaap workflow for review, bookmarking, and export at the completion of your project.
Natural Language Processing

REmaap also has optional Natural Language Processing. This feature supercharges the abstraction process by:

Auto OCR and Annotation upon uploading lease documents
Auto Tagging of dates, currency amounts, and clauses related to the abstraction template
Auto Bookmarking of all lease documents for easy future reference from you core system

NTrust has found that NLP can achieve a 30% to 40% reduction in abstraction time for clients.

Customizable Platform

Customize the platform for each project or re-use saved project templates for new projects.
REmaap comes with a variety of templates for various systems and lease types…so it is quick to load and use or modify a template for your project. Use REmaap for:

• CRE Leases
• Equipment Leases
• Letters of Intent
• Due Diligence – Acquisition/Disposition

Once your team starts using REmaap, they will see a whole range of possibilities to save time and money.

Case Studies

Large Class-A Office Investor

Large Class-A Office Institutional Investor Leverages REmaap™ and NTrust services to quickly integrate a $5 billion acquisition
The $5 billion acquisition included 320 properties and 1,500 leases. The data for both buyer and seller was in MRI. NTrust was engaged use REmaap™ to both validate 1,500 leases and upload into the buyer’s MRI system.

Yardi Upgrade for Large Institutional Investor

Large Institutional Investor Consolidates Yardi Systems and Upgrades to Yardi 7s using REmaap™
A large institutional investor in commercial, retail and multi-family assets was operating on two different, and older, Yardi instances turned to NTrust to help them migrate and consolidate their data and upgrade to Yardi 7s. NTrust leveraged REmaap™ to consolidate and clean up data.

Multi-national Energy Services Company

To get access to more localized Real Estate information, a multi-national energy services company used REmaap™ to load segregate and analyze data for a range of portfolios.

Vendor Contract Abstraction

Large Multi-Family REIT Engages NTrust and REmaap™ to Migrate Lease and Property Data into Yardi
A National REIT with both commercial and multi-family portfolios needed help during the portfolio acquisition phase of a multi-family portfolio. Top Management contacted NTrust to aggregate data from multiple sources and to migrate and clean-up this data into its Yardi Residential module.

Single Family REIT Securitization

See how a large single family REIT used REmaap to support its Securitization process using REmaap™

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