Real Estate Analytics
Re-imagined !!!

REmaap AnalyticsTM is the next step in the evolution of REmaapTM as a core tool for commercial real estate businesses. Whether you’re are a REIT, a Developer/Owner, an Asset Management Company…anyone with a real estate portfolio…REmaap AnalyticsTM can help streamline your processes and provide actionable insights into the status, risks, and rewards present in your portfolio.


Generic placeholder image User Defined Dashboard

Users can define their own dashboard with unlimited drag and drop dashlet components. Each dashlet can be configured to a different chart type and all the underlying data can be available by just mousing over the graph element.

Generic placeholder image Drill Down to Underlying Data

Just click on a data point on a dashlet graphic and you’ll be taken to the underlying data…and see all the data related to everything represented in the dashlet. And dashlets can be virtually any data…data in REmaap, or data in any other data source…including Excel spreadsheets!

Generic placeholder image Measure the productivity of each team member

REmaapTM logs all transaction history as data is entered and reviewed. It tracks errors by error type and provides feedback to the user and the manager. Now with REmaap AnalyticsTM this can be graphically represented across team members and can help guide managers in where to apply training and who should be teamed up to improve productivity.

Generic placeholder image Report Scheduling

REmaap AnalyticsTM provides the ability for each user to create and schedule reports to be run. And reports can contain both data and charts/graphs to provide an easy way to visualize data dynamics.

Generic placeholder image Access and compare multiple data sources

Now you can use your REmaap AnalyticsTM to access, compare, and report on multiple data sources. So whether your looking for operational reports, due diligence, vacancies, co-tenancy financial impacts, exclusive use by property…you can create a report or dashboard to make sure you have all the right data for decision making.


Generic placeholder image Collaboration and Sharing

Dashlets and reports can be shared and distributed across departments. REmaap AnalyticsTM can be used to keep teams in sync and departments communicating…and everyone with access to the same data…and views of the data.

Generic placeholder image Spend your time understanding your portfolio, not struggling with reports

REmaap AnalyticsTM is so easy to use that you can create meaningful reports on the fly. This means you’ll spend a lot less time trying to learn how to create a report, and a lot more time understanding what’s happening with your portfolio.

Generic placeholder image Get the Whole picture

Being able to access and display data from different data sources is a powerful capability. This means data from your leasing system, lease admin system, and budgeting and forecast system can all be used to create dynamic views of what’s going right and wrong with your portfolio and where you can make corrections quickly and effectively.